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Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

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Humans are very rarely purely resource bound, imagination bound maybe.

And to bollix up a quote, the "free market" system is necessarily the best, but it is superior to any other option tried or proposed, given human nature as we best understand it. It does reward capital, because capital is valuable, but it is purely political to say it "largely" rewards that way.

A market, after all, is simply the external expression of internal needs through mutual agreement. And although people will always try to game markets, the strength of a free market system is that it is, generally, significantly resistant to permanent gaming. Markets act as a highly distributed information processing mechanism to satisfy various demands.

The major issue with those who rail against or complain about a market based solution is that all the alternatives they propose turn out to be worse than what they complain about. Any bureaucratic solution will inevitably be captured by the controllers as that's what humans do. If humans were perfect or even just perfectable, maybe these controls could work, but they aren't and probably never will be.

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