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Personal data may have been compromised

'customers’ names, location, billing address, password, email, phone number, payments details, card expiry dates and CVV numbers “may” have fallen into the hands of an “unauthorised person”'

In this day and age, why isn't such information store in an encrypted form on a machine accessable from the Internet. Who designed and install the system at online builders merchant Jewson. Who is responsible for maintenance and security. I guess the original hack consisted of someone opening a malicious email attachment, the solution being to:

a. Configure your email client to only open msWord docs in the MS Word Viewer, same for Excel etc.

b. Disable automatically opening of URL links in PDF documents.

c. Disable auto-running flash and similar active content.

d. Use a unique email to register with a site.

e. Use a burner phone for two-factor authentication.

f. Never disclose either to any third party.

Is this the state of 'computer' security in the year 2017 AD .. I mean Current Era, wouldn't want to trigger anyone :]

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