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Shut the front door: Jewson 'fesses up to data breach


Having ‘worked’ many years ago with Jewsons I can confirm that they are a bunch of planks that are screwed overseen by spanners. As other worth commentards have pointed out.

The high point in our trading relationship was ordering material for a medium sized roof.

We received:-

Roofing felt

Roofing batten

Roofing nails

Velux x 3

Slate chippings 2 x 1000kg bags

What’s wrong with that for doing a roof?

Which plank keyed the order

Who screwed up loading it

Which spannner checked the truck before it left the depot

What you clearly see is that nobody there cared in the slightest. And that is why I will never ever use them for anything ever again. If anyone had thought about it for more than one second they would have spotted the problem. And believe me it was often like that there.

And the whole business is run on Keridge software - let’s not even get me started.

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