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"Or is there some arrangement where a website receives a proportion of the BAT paid to the end user which can then be exchanged for beer and pizza?"

From TFA: "Users gain the capacity to pay publishers directly for their content - in BAT."

I take it the proposed cycle is this:

1. Advertisers buy BATS for Real Money(TM) from Brave.

2 Brave holds the stock of BATs on behalf of the advertiser.

3. When the advertiser pushes an unwanted but nevertheless unblocked advert to the viewer it pays the viewer in BAT.

4. The user pays a publisher in BAT.

5. The publisher sells the BATs back to Brave for Real Money.

The slight snagette here is that Brave is supposed to be an adblocking browser. Presumably the twist is that the viewer buys the advertiser's BATs from Brave instead of being advertised at. The publisher gets paid, Brave gets paid twice and the adverts aren't seen. The advertiser actually gains from not pissing off potential customers but they'll not see it that way; they never do as they lack the requisite self-awareness.

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