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Hmm, Les get it on ACDC is playing in the back ground.

Windows a bigger attack area than Android. Attack area depends a lot on area open to attack. Android has been like a siv and even the play protect thing hasn't proven too effective.

If you are following proper procedure than your desktop machine should be off unwakable stone dead when not using it. The network should be physically disconnected when not using it. You should maintain separate non connected work machines with no wired or wireless connectivity (including microphones and any speaker or ir or remote device access), and figure a way to copy files to limited sized media to move data accross, to do updates (yes, not so easy).

Now, your mobile, has access to a wealth of health biometrics, business communications, personal communications for anybody to make a case against you (bad, but in certain countries desdly). Your cloud data, and your computer's cloud data are all accessible through the mobile vector. Bank and card details. Identity theft details, you can be up fur 18 months of nightmare trying to prove you are who you are and correcting the issue (has happened here) while your accounts have been drained. Yes Mobile is an Achilles heal. Some people commit suicide over the sorts of things that they may store on their phone, even murdur. Now these data and communications are becoming more prevalent and visible because of mobiles, can you imagine if hacks flooded the internet with them?

Mobile is a major OS just like desktop OD, and we shouldn't expect less security from them just because it fits in your pocket allwsys connected (even if data seems off) where it is more vulnerable to interception and loss. Can you imagine if outside countries figure out they can compromise people, and produce political/instability from the data of normal people, through blackmail, and desirable interactions, along with criminal enterprises. Already they have been experimenting on the larger level, but what they need is compromised assets on the ground. So, pretending to be criminals, they can black mail people into dubious acts, that eventually look criminal, but really are sabotage. Welcome to the slack IT and mobile future the industry has bought us (yes bought as well as brought). Thanks.

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