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"So you expected to be in the <1% that Labor expected would be able to afford 1Gbps in 2026?"

So do you know what price it would be selling for by then? $50 like it is in some countries now? that seems affordable.

"To be on a 100Mbps plan puts you in the top 14% of Australia." Considering FTTP is around 16% and FTTN below 10%

"If you are happy with speed tiers then expect to move or pay more for the fast speeds that only a small minority can afford." As I have shown you time and again that small minority are the one paying for the NBN but not anymore as they cant even get those speeds anymore.

"384 premises are served by 2Gbps and this could easily be upgraded to 20Gbps " LoL but do you realise that it doesn't change to speed over get over your copper. If you can only get 15Mbps you will still only get 15Mbps. nice to see your a mouth piece for the nbn now lol.

"The LNP reducing the price of CVC from $20 to $14 is actually going to make it significantly harder to reduce the price of AVC and hence it will suppress demand for higher speeds." your fanboi copper model is requiring more revenue in CVC now than what labor plan was. But then your copper fanboi model was only going to cost $29B and complete by last year

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