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@AC - I do not think we really disagree overall. The problem of a company is that it is hard to continuously find aggressive leaders who will play to win. Somewhere around the third or fourth CEO companies often pick] an excessively cautious CEO whose mindset is not to win but not to lose. If the board does not quickly realize this the excessive caution gets ingrained in the organization and they develop a pathological aversion to risk over time. The aversion to risk allows a competitor to grab profitable markets before the lumbering dinosaur is even aware of them.

An example is Slurp. Gates was a driven leader who made Slurp a dominant software slinger. Ballmer tried to continue this in his tenure; the Nokia purchase is sign he was willing to take big risks. Nadella seems to be trying 'safe' bets such as SaaS and the cloud. He failed to understand Ballmer's Nokia purchase as an attempt to secure a future for Slurp on mobile devices. Nadella's strategy seems to be a 'me too' vendor in SaaS and cloud. The problem is for both is that SaaS and cloud are largely DOA in consumer space; very few consumers are thrilled at constantly paying subscriptions for something they use irregularly. So Slurp is now competing more directly with entrenched vendors in both who will fiercely fight any Slurp incursion. They are also largely fighting over the same customer base. Other than Office, Slurp's SaaS and cloud options are not sufficiently different to warrant being the automatic first choice vendor.

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