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unfounded fears

Disclaimer: My company uses Dell EMC, Netapp, and Pure Storage arrays but I don't have any skin in this game (I do networking not storage). I've heard from the storage guys that each array work best for specific use cases.

I'm tired of hearing the "company is losing money" argument against the up and coming companies. Dude, that's the reality of this world, if you want to make a buck, you gotta invest one. I was one of the earlier Arista customers and it turned out amazingly for us. Or look at freaking Amazon, would anyone using AWS say "no way am I investing in a company that just keeps losing more and more money and is a serious going concern". By spending 2 minutes looking at Pure's stock on CNN money, here's what I learned: they are 9 years old, have 2k employees, their revenue was over 600M in the last year, they are keeping up the growth, reducing operating costs, and have 500M in cash in the bank. Again, I don't know if their technology is better for your use case but if you are close minded enough to not find out because of your unfounded fears then you are the one no one should be investing in.

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