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For Greater IntelAIgent Agency Users ......

APT28, also known as Fancy Bear, has recently focused on using different themes. In this case it capitalized on the recent terrorist attack in New York City. The document itself is blank. ...... Threat Group APT28 Slips Office Malware into Doc Citing NYC Terror Attack

Are you prepared to counter, rather than just a blank page, a sensitive informational document exchanging Dynamic Data for greater intelligent use, or would that be out of this world and widely welcomed?

Such is surely an Attractive ACTive APT Attack Vector for Use against Prime SubPrime Targets in the Virtual Command with Remote Control Sector ...... which are surely morphs/clones of SCADA Executive Administrations?

Is there any possible effective defence against such an Exploitative 0day Vulnerability or can one only pay to have its documentation sealed and put on ice for deployment another day and at a later stage of its fantastic development?

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