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All those security holes Google issues patches for every month are for Android, not for OEM or network operator customizations so you can hardly pin the blame on them. Whatever security holes they create may be unknown to the user since there would be fewer people looking for them versus generic Android bugs that would apply to all phones. If/when OEM customization bugs are fixed the OEM may never tell you that "fix for Touchwiz security hole X" was included in the Android patch that was installed. Which Android OEMs publish CVEs for their own layers (i.e. Touchwiz or whatever) or bundled apps? I'd be surprised to discover many do, they'd rather hide the problem.

I don't think the OEMs have much incentive to look for bugs themselves in the way Google and Apple do, because they don't want end users to know that they may be adding insecurities on top of the ones Google is giving them. If OEMs don't list their fixes - or worse don't bother to even do fixes unless an outsider finds a bug and makes it / threatens to make it public - they can preserve an illusion that OEM or network operator customizations don't add any holes...

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