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Was actually thinking of something else, no idea why I wrote AR15.

.22s do well for a lot of stuff especially pest control because you can get several rounds off before the rabbits decide to hop away. And the sound at maybe 50 metres (trying to recall how far it was way back then) is barely enough for rabbits to pay attention. You can be giving their heads extra ventilation and they'll barely pay you any attention. Louder guns don't work so well. (for non-poison non-trap rabbit control you want to be able to stay in place for a while getting rid of any bunnies in the area, you don't want them running away or going to ground until you've made a significant dent in the adult population).

AK47s are pretty useless when hunting despite their ability to fire in seemingly any conditions. At least for what we have over here. You should try it some time.

("pink mist" icon El Reg? Or perhaps a hole-y bunny head?)

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