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60 Concurrent Televisions from 100mhz

Amazing technology, FTTH. 60 televisions each showing a different show. Wow.

Trouble is, most households do not have 60 televisions. Indeed very few have more than 6. So unless you are running a data center, these high speeds are just not useful.

The problem was never bandwidth. The problem was availability. To people that did not already have good ADSL or cable. That should have been the original focus, people without decent broadband in the first place.

But instead, the NBN has mainly been built out to people that were already happy with existing service. Hence the complaints about having to cut the copper. And many households will end up just moving to mobile.

The whole NBN fiasco was based on the premise that people wanted very high bandwidths. And that premise is wrong. Once people can run two or three TVs they have enough bandwidth. You do not need 100mb to run Facebook.

Incidentally, few providers provide less than 25mhz, and there is very little price difference for those that do. If 12.5 mhz was offered at 60% of the 25mhz price, it would be the most popular. Heck, if 6mhz was offered at 60% of the 25mhz price it would be the most popular for households without teenage kids.

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