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Dell EMC: Our mid-range arrays aren't dead. Now, join our loyalty scheme!

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Compared to what? Cutting edge Pure with it's 20+year old active/passive controller architecture? Who is Dell EMC behind in technology in the storage sector? I'm dying to see a serious and factually backed answer that doesn't involve marketing speak. The only storage product I've even remote strayed from the EMC portfolio in the last 6 years is with NetApp, and while I can't really speak poorly of it, I don't know that it blew me away either. I have Pure in my office at least every 6 months trying to sell me shit, and if I hear one more ridiculous 10:1 claim without even understanding my data set, I'm going to have them blocked from the building. Even if I believed their way am I investing in a company that just keeps losing more and more money and is a serious going concern. 10 year warranties are less impressive if you're not around to support them for the last 8 years...

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