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Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


There's more android devices, but while Google can currently claim about 85% market share, Windows in 2003 was up around 97-98%. Apple were at their lowest point and had about 2% share. Linux hadn't really taken off in the server room yet, and it's desktop market share was (and remains) less than a rounding error.

Android is close to matching that level of dominance, but it's unlikely anyone will really match it ever again; hell, Windows still accounts for about 90% of desktop and laptop land even following Apple's surge to cool and Linux's meteoric rise to parity in the data center. Apple's recent laptops are considered a big success, but in terms of actual market share they're at about 6-7%. Linux struggles to rise over 1% in userland, despite now being present on at least some devices in every server room. And outside the more militant Apple fansites and Linux forums, there's no anticipation of this changing.

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