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"endless problems associated with Windows?endless problems associated with Windows?"

Are you comparing oranges with apples? A desktop operating system has inevitably a far larger attack surface than a mobile OS, for the very reason it is much more versatile. Very few will accept the limitations mobe apps have on a desktop.

Desktops don't get replaced every two years like a mobe, and many of them run more critical software than any mobe.

There are also good chances your find more valuable data on a desktop (or server), and they are more useful as members of a botnet.

Windows adds to that a legacy of old protocols and applications which is really time to kill once for ever, but there are also too many systems that may be crippled by that. iOS could kill all 32 bit applications at once, Windows can't do that.

What do you prefer? Your local hospital crippled by a malware, or by a Windows update that causes any old application to stop working?

And would you really like a Windows where you can't install applications but from its Store, which is something MS is trying to achieve? Or applications sandboxed in ways that make exchanging files and data a nightmare?

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