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"but maybe not about shooting your load in someone's mouth...."

That is not what I was suggesting. Honestly. I'd be most ashamed of myself if that's what I was meaning. It most certainly was not. I'm a great believer in 'putting the fucking shovel down' when digging, but without too much detail, I was suggesting any unpleasant flavour would be in my mouth.

"....and making light of sexual assault reports"

Guilty as charged....partially. Yep, I was making light of the current climate of harassment reports. I would not seek to make light of sexual assault. I'm a human, actually a middle aged human with two daughters.

I think perhaps suggestion is ultimately open to interpretation. And I think you've interpreted what I said incorrectly, certainly in the first part of your statement. I'll accept that you could have interpreted the second part of the statement in the way you did.

Anyway, response appreciated.

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