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At what point does the US become a rogue state? Has it passed that point?

The history of the US is littered with decisions and directions based on paranoia. The importance they continue to place on their independence corrupts their view of opposing ideologues, so much so that they twist these opposing ideologies (and religions) into existential threats to their very way of life.

The power of human denial is so strong that, as per another Reg article, encryption of a communications device is a more important issue to deal with than gun ownership, because "It was through these guns that we earned our independence from The British Empire". Anyone who thinks differently in any manner is each partiotic US citizens equivalent to a soldier of The British Empire of 200 years ago.

Trump is the perfect embodiment of this, he is the leader they deserve, and the leader the world deserves having let them earn it through years of subservience.

(Not all US citizens are tarred by this brush, obviously, but Trump won the election, so, you know, majority)

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