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We've not seen any instances where people have driven cars or trucks into groups in order to kill, have we?

How many deliberately kill lots of people with cars or trucks? How many with guns?

The issue is that we have people that somehow and in some way have grown up thinking that killing other people is a resolution for their problems. How we deal with this is not an easy thing and likely beyond us as a species right now.

The US has a problem with this. Other countries? Not so much. The issue is with the US culture, where "lethal force" is considered perfectly reasonable and acceptable. Countries with cultures of "minimum force" or "zero force unless you truly have no other choice" don't have the same issues. We have violent crime in NZ but relatively few murders. We have laws that say killing in self defence or defence of another is a valid defence to murder and manslaughter charges, but we don't have people going around killing others even when it could be argued "he needed killing".

If a backwards little shithole like NZ can do it, surely the mighty, powerful, and ever-righteous USA can figure it out.

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