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If you chose to own a weapon designed to kill people you may be demonstrating the ability, as a last resort in defence of person or property, to stop people doing you harm.

I've had many threats against me (look over my posting history if you wish more detail), and yes I've wondered about killing some of those especially at the worst times, or during some PTSD-type episodes after.

I took up Tae Kwon Do.

But then, in our nation you're not that likely to be a victim of a "ranged weapon". We don't wear skirts and hide behind large arsenals of weapons (unlike some girly nations where the menfolk have suspiciously tiny hands), we do things up front and personal here. Which is probably why our murder rates are quite low. You're almost more likely to be an innocent bystander shot by a cop than to be shot by a criminal. Even our cops aren't routinely armed with guns, though they do have stab-proof vests.

So come on yanks, man up - get rid of your guns and use the most real weapons of all - your brains and your fists! (and feet, elbows, knees (if you're having fun)...)

(yes I have fought to defend myself and others, and no I did not consider it my right to kill the opponent, I considered "right" to be "do as little harm as possible to end the threat")

--> Swords coz a bit more up-front and personal than a gun.

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