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Shit. The world must be coming to an end. A post of yours I agree with. But then I am a rare beast being an active UK hunter and gun owner. I don't personally own one but I do know other UK hunters, particularly in pest control, that use semi-automatic 22 rimfire. This is when a semi is useful in hunting. When there is likely several targets to be had in quick succession.

I'm from Kiwi farming stock, and the last time I used a gun was also in pest control. A .22 semi-automaic can be good for popping off a bunch of rabbits quickly. I have no problem with this.

In fact most pests are easily dealt with by .22. An AR15 or AK47 may not be as effective, and thus there's no reasonable reason to own them. They're useless for hunting larger animals as well. A 303 bolt-action with a 5-shot magazine is plenty for hunting deer or pigs, though if you get a pissed off boar charging you then you might be re-thinking the effectiveness of an AK - but improving your aim would be just as effective.

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