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"What's worse, Trump also signed legislation passed by congress in early February (i.e. it was one of their legislative priorities!) to undo an Obama regulation that mandated the Social Security Administration must report on mentally ill recipients and people deemed unfit to handle their own financial affairs. I don't know under what tortured logic it makes sense for someone getting social security disability payments for mental illness to be able to buy guns, other than Trump's childish urge to try to erase everything Obama did."

The ONLY thing that the legislation WOULD have done (It never actually went into effect) was to force SSA to provide a list of -ALL- SS recipients who had a "designated payee" on record. Designating someone as a payee is actually quite common.

For instance, if you have a bum leg and want to set things up so your wife can fill out SS paperwork and take care of your check rather than dragging your bum leg all over town, then you would set her up as a designated payee.

The biggest problem is that the proposed legislation had absolutely NO provisions to ensure due process before putting you on a list, nor did it contain ANY language on how to contest your inclusion on a list.

Another major problem is that, in a situation where SSA determines that you need a payee due to mental health issues, this determination is made SEPERATELY from any evaluations to determine eligibility. Stated differently, if you go in with your bum leg and piss off the low-level affirmative action clerk behind their little glass window, that clerk can state that you are mentally ill IN THEIR OPINION and it is NOT subject to review by a doctor.

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