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I've been muttering for ages. But along with all that I've got the "Standards? what are those" and "Who cares where it lands, once the rocket goes up its not my problem" stuff rattling around in there.

Application vendors that push out app deployment tools that have never heard of POSIX, third party coding shops that seem to think that the only way to do anything is when running as root, corporate divisions that believe that their silo should be the only snowflake, and everyone else should be a standard, management that don't comprehend that there is more than one vendor or product that can do the job, or that lock in will be cheap to land on, but will get more and more expensive over time. Don't get me started on windows based applications. There are days when I'd be glad to deal with JCL, MQ, CICs, MVS and SNA heck, I'd be happy to go back to VMS.

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