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I'm replying to my own post as it got a down vote and I'm not sure why. So I want to explain myself:

Some folks see voter disqualification and/or forced voting as a way to bolster their particular side's numbers.

Both which are in my opinion is wrong. The right is known to play with gerrymandering and voter disqualification, which is wrong, the left wants forced turnout which is also wrong. Both sides want these things in order to establish permanent victory regardless if their policies grow stale, or they're in so long they're rotten.

People should be thinking in terms above all that, of what is fair and democratic and free in voting.

I'm not against forced voting to support the Republicans, I don't even live in the U.S. I'm just against forcing people to do things unless absolutely necessary. Not voting is a form of vote, and that is enough in my opinion. Forcing people to do things is anti-freedom, and moreover skews things because you are forcing it.

And a change in gov't from time to time is a good thing, left or right. These governments get stale and too corrupted regardless of their stripe.

Let's say the left finds that a forced vote means permanent left wing victories. That would not be good. In Canada, the left wins most elections already, but from time to time the right gets in. But the left wing governments - given some time - get stale, entitled, and eventually corrupted, giving contracts only to their favourites and all kinds of other nasties etc. etc. It's good that they get thrown out from time to time.

Don't get so clouded by left or right politics that you act against freedoms, fairness and what's good for a healthy democracy, that's all I'm saying.

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