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"We can barely keep a lid on it in this country where they've never been in circulation and arnt a god given right in the minds of the population."

What country is that you're talking about? I assume not the UK where every farmer and his mum is packing? We tightened up gun laws in '97 completely banning hand guns, the majority were removed from circulation by their owners handing them in.

Yes there are likely still a few knocking about but they are not in general circulation.

We also do not allow semi/fully automatic weapons AND it's still relatively easy to get a firearms licence in the UK.. what it's not easy to do is carry your firearm around in the street or go on a rampage (to my knowledge there has been one in 20 years).

Gun control does not mean banning all guns. It means tightening restrictions, and banning non sensical weapons - do you really need a fully automatic rifle to "hunt deer"? Sure Vegas could still happen with a good old fashioned one shot at a time bolt action rifle, but not on the same scale.

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