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well anything that effects my awareness or experiance is my business.measured by effect, you can not observe something without effecting it, therefore if i have observed something, then it and i have effected each other and therefore are eachothers busines

in reality laws simply change the official story, to save their asses everyone with direct influence begins looking for or avoiding knowledge, details and events to hopefully find the result that will maximize their perception of their personal future stability within their career. its not a conscious intent, nut a side effect of the survival drive in the subconscious. laws don't change behavior, the just decide whose turn it is to be demonized, if you want to successfully. and sustainably change behavior in other people then you have find a way to get them the perception and experience that whatever behavior they are currently was giving them. if the new source of perception and experience results in an equivalent experiance, they will no longer desire the previous, their percieved needs having been met. anything less would result the underlying percieved need not beiong filled, fuleing motivation to recover the previous source, or fear that the alternative source you are offering could be insufficient and then it would be too late, this virtually guarentees hostility and conflict. this is a game of human motivations and strategies by wich to feel safe. you don't feel safe when they have guns. they don't feel safe when you have guns, everyone is going to try for what makes them feel safe. laws be damned fear is a greater motivator then the cultural worship of legal processes.

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