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>>One the second amendment allows for gun ownership

>So - cancel the 2nd Amendment.

>Or, barring that, use it for the purpose intended (to be a check on a tyrannical government). Too many >people stop reading at the "bear arms" bit without going onto the militia bit.

I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding of intent with this.

A Militia recruits/drafts members expecting them to supply their own firearms (or did in this time in history).

So having citizenry unable to acquire said firearms would negate that.

Also the term regulated was not used in the manner we think of it today.

Not that this whole amendment isn't archaic, however you need to understand the framers' intents when they were drafting it.


a non gun nut who thinks the septics are far to heavily armed, and far to ready to use said arms for comfort.

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