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"how anyone can say with a straight face that removing guns from the hands of the public wouldn't help prevent this sort of tragedy is beyond me."

The difficulty lies in how does one go about that and you can't with absolute certainty say it will actually be a net gain (1)(2) considering in this very instance he was driven off by another guy with an AR-15? Given the current rise in ramming attacks (3) and that they are equally as effective (4) will there be a call to ban cars and trucks? Sure, it's possible to ban guns and you'll find that about 15% get turned in at which point you might feel good but it doesn't really change anything unless you're ready to go door to door, 4th Amendment be damned, and try to take them by force. That will be a recipe for more gun violence than you may be prepared for if not outright civil war as many police and military will find any allegiance they had to the newly instituted police state rapidly dissolving.

The system to keep guns from crims already exists and should have worked but it didn't in this case because of an error in transmitting his military conviction to the NICS database, that's it. Nothing is perfect and unfortunately this nutter was able to purchase a gun through the normal sales channel. Guesses as to what would have happened had he not been able to buy a gun at the gun shop are as pointless as counting pixies dancing on the head of a pin, would he have laid in wait and stabbed the targeted in-laws, built a bomb, bought a gun on the black market, rented or stolen a large truck, etc. Maybe he just would have held his breath until everybody did what he felt was right by him but I'm not getting that vibe.





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