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What's with the blasted captchas?

Marco Fontani

Why, when I'm ALREADY logged in to the Reg, have I suddenly started getting bloody irritating, crappy captchas?

We've had CAPTCHAs for various things since at least 2013, and they're usually only shown when "something triggers".

This "something" ranges from what you were doing at that time, your browser signature, your country, your ISP, your IP address, etc.

If it "started this morning" for you, the reason may range from having changed some of your browser settings or having switched to a different VPN than usual, to simply having posted some "trigger words" which make the web application firewall show the CAPTCHA, to err on the safe side before allowing the request through.

If you'd like to discuss this in detail, could you follow our problem reporting page and send us an email at webmaster@?

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