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Fucking idiots, quite how anyone can say with a straight face that removing guns from the hands of the public wouldn't help prevent this sort of tragedy is beyond me.

The counter argument goes that if the bad guys are using guns when the good guys have guns, they will still be using them when the good guys have surrendered theirs. Limiting gun sales won't prevent bad guys having guns. Removing guns doesn't make things better, only worse.

America is a fucked-up country starting from a fucked-up position while the rest of the civilised world are in the better position of preventing their countries from becoming fucked-up. Americans therefore see things differently to how others do.

While America believes it is better to have guns than not, believes having guns saves more lives than are taken by guns, it's going to stay how it is. Innocent people dead is simply the acceptable price to pay for having those guns.

America is beyond the tipping point and it's a long hard road back. It may be impossible because fucked-up America is not prepared to do what is needed to be done.

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