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Govt. - "There's a problem, quick everyone, bury your head in the sand".

The congestion has nothing to do with speed tiers.

Then why do those with FTTP seem to have minimal, if any, complaints about speed/congestion?

I would figuratively kill to get a 100/40 connection (that would have been upgradeable to 1000/400? in a few years) but I am 394 metres from the Node as the rotting copper runs. Add a further 15 metres from the pit in the driveway to the first point inside the house and I will be struggling to get 50/20. Fibre would not have given me this issue.

The fibre pipe to the Node is limited when compared to the fibre pipe to the exchange. We have 350 off houses to feed off our Node so divide that bandwidth amongst all those houses and how much do we each get Mr Ashwood? We get congestion not due to insufficient CVC but due to insufficient bandwidth to the bloody Node.

You keep blaming Labor for the CVC "debacle" but considering that Labour haven't been in power for 4+ years then surely we can now blame the present clowns for not fixing that particular issue. Next you will be blaming that idiot Bob Hawke for children still living in poverty when howard and his minions did nothing to eradicate that particular problem during his long tenure.

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