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Speed tier take-up is similar across technologies

good reason why many subscribers would be opting for the cheap tier, cause they'll never get the speed of the expensive ones

>80% were on 25Mbps or slower when the network was entirely FTTP. The ACCC NBNCo Wholesale Market Indicators report shows this has increased to 84% and the take-up is similar across all fixed line technologies. So in terms of many, that would be <16%.

If 14% of Telstra's customers were impacted then that would give them a total number of customers on FTTN at 300,000 which is around a third of active FTTN connections. Except that is wrong because at the end of Jun Telstra had 532,805 FTTN connections, which means it is less than 8% of connections.

This is not surprising when NBNCo stated in August that the average FTTN speed is 68Mbps and 65% can achieve 50Mbps or faster.

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