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Re: The reports so far with some editorial....

Without easy (designed for killing people easily and rapidly) gun access those people would still be alive.

From my reading of the media, the killer apparently had some issues with mother in law & church killing visit was in hope of finding her there (she wasn't there).

Unless he was very badly mentally ill, chances are, without gun, he would have calmed down at some point and lost the murder mother in law urge - even if he had not lost the urge, without a gun (e.g. bare hands, knife, whatever) attack on M-I-L, there would have been far less collateral damage.

Most people would regard themselves as vaguely sane (ish), however I'm sure some people have, at some point, had a heated argument with a relative / friend where they reached an extreme irritation point.

If, when extremely angry, if they had a gun in their pocket, how many people might have used it in brief spur of the moment off their head in rage snap point? Not many, but probably some.

I would not know how I would behave in such a scenario as never had a totally "lost it" experience (& have no desire for one) but could not categorically say I would not do something stupid in such a context as it's unknown territory.

The harder it is to kill lots of people when you are temporarily unhinged the better, IMHO

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