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"any rifle with a replaceable magazine and a semi-automatic rather than bolt or lever action. Neither feature is required (or even useful) when hunting deer - they're features that only have utility for killing people."

"assault rifles" are cool looking. I'm sure some dweeb out there would consider my choice of vehicles not having any 'utility'. I just wanted a Mustang convertible. It looks great and is fun to drive. So I got one. It goes really freaking fast when I want it to [I once passed some asshat going uphill at ~100MPH because he kept speeding up on straightaways on a windy road and went 15mph around every freaking corner, and it was "my chance" and I took it, because I could]. And I leave the top down 99% of the time, because I like it that way. I'm sure I'll be criticized for owning it, too. And driving it. And enjoying it. And driving fast in it.

Now, substitute "AR-15" for "mustang convertible" and I say, if that's what someone wants to buy, LET HIM. It becomes a matter of personal choice, and it is NOBODY'S BUSINESS, what you or I or anyone else wants to own, right?

/me points out that in some states in the USA, you can own AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. Check out the "F.P.S. Russia" videos. All you have to do is pass a background check and pay a tax.

And you're correct. The AR-15 is a military style weapon primarily designed for killing people. It makes it very effective for the purpose for which it was used: stopping a mass murderer from killing anyone else.

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