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The reports so far with some editorial....

Some of the details we are hearing so far are that he was discharged from the Air Force due to bad behavior resulting from domestic violence (i.e. beating ex-wife and infant child), Air Force didn't update National Instant Check database for firearm sales and shooter legally purchased weapons as a result. The shoot also had run-ins with the law in Colorado prior to moving to Texas. The AR-15 continually being characterized as an "assault rifle" is somewhat problematic since no one seems to know what that actually means. Regardless, over 400 rounds were discharged from the shooter before resistance was offered. Resistance came in the form of a resident with a "long gun" who apparently managed to shoot the shooter twice (leg and torso) prior to his fleeing the scene with the resident in pursuit. The shooter crashed his vehicle and apparently committed suicide with a single gunshot to the head (presumably). It is a tragedy and there will be many that rush to encourage more laws and many that rush to defend current laws and many more that will rush to defend their point of view. Short of making all firearms magically disappear and constitutionally dismantling the 2nd amendment, the best we can hope for is a "war on guns" similar to our "war on drugs". That war effort has gone swimmingly so it's difficult to imagine that we will see better results with a war on guns. In any event, it's still another needless tragedy and really points to a breakdown in the fabric of our society that seems to indicate that we have elements that think that extreme violence is acceptable. We can make the mental health argument but we cherish all of our rights that we love to stand on each and every one to support our favorite one(s). Pity us.

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