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"Name any famous names associated with Samsung"

Well, still no one has risen to this challenge.

Firstly, I'll say that I admire what Samsung does in electronics. They mostly do a good job there. But these are the components out of which devices are made. (And Samsung have had a couple of disasters there, apart from the TV I bought that broke down after a month, and the external computer monitor that developed problems after only a year.)

But assembling electronics into devices is another complex process. For instance, we know touch screen had been around for years, but used in niche areas – it took Apple to design that into something generally useful, and touch screen became useful because of the software and UI that Apple designed. Samsung (nor the others) did not do that.

Perhaps an electronic engineer could point to academic research that Samsung has contributed.

But I still make the point that while I can name many people associated with Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Burroughs/Unisys who have furthered computing at one level or another, I can't think of anyone at Samsung.

Yes, Samsung make bold claims about their R&D:

but in many ways that R&D has just been to study Apple's ideas:

Samsung and other companies are also using open source for their research base:

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