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no major problems with superhub (that's v3 is it)

No problems that you notice. The faults with the Puma 6 chipset are baked in, and for casual internet use, or even heavy lift downloading it does appear to work fine - I'm using one now. But for real time gaming, or VOIP, or other time sensitive types of applications the Virginmedia Superhub 3 is a pile of shite.

Put any form of trace on it, and you'll see the latency spiking to 150ms frequently, and a fair amount of packet loss. You might not perceive these, but they are there, and in gaming it amounts to missed shots, jumps in position of players, or even being kicked from a game server. For VOIP it'll be missing syllables, jumpy video and the like. Some streaming applications appear to struggle with these problems as well. Even in day to day internet use you might see symptoms (eg timeouts) that you attribute to the Wild West Web, but could be that little grey box with Intel's garbage chip inside. I'd also mention that although the problems have been known for over a year now, Virginmedia are still shipping the defective product out, and still no news on the software fix that their supplier (Arris) have supposedly been working on for the better part of a year.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to say in public again, Virginmedia suck, just not as much as Intel suck!

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