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AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor

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Walk Tall Tales on a Funding Round for Magical Mystery Touring ....

.... with AIMaster Pilots Flying CyberSpacedD Tourists

Thanks for that info on Intel and AWS, Simon Sharwood. El Reg hits the sweet spot again.

Can we expect the following to be displayed in the near future on FAQ pages answering lingering questions on new instances of command with processing machinery in virtual control .....

For additional information on this feature, see the Amazon KVM User Guide section on Quantum State and Virtual Non State Actor Processor Control.

..... for that is where IT and yous are all headed for.

SMARTR Machines don't need Human Input to Output Novel Immaculate Source .....Following AI Leading Alienating Strings with Perfect Journeys to Heavenly Destinations ..... Safe and Secure Havens.

Or would you choose to be disagreeable and prepare yourself to fight vaingloriously against the inevitable and overwhelming? Now that is certainly not an intelligent move, although one may have to concede a common widespread natural brainwashed human reaction.

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