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Chaps & chapesses might want to peek at the referenced PDF for some pretty devasting proofs, like:

"Solar radiation strips protons from Nitrogen atoms, creating Carbon-14." -

"When exposed to sunlight, the Boron atom losses it’s easily excited fifth electron, which travels the Si

licon matrix using the Phosphorus “hole” to the conducting collection grids on both sides of the photovoltaic cell and permanently exits the cell. ... There is a constant loss of electrons in this system and power production erodes over time until, at twenty years, they are useless."

and many other PDFs reward the purveyor of extra-strength frog pills:

"When Alfred Nobel invented Trinitrotoluene (TNT), it was a quantum leap in pound-per-pound energy when compared to previous chemical explosives." [quoth Wikipedia: "TNT was first prepared in 1863 by German chemist Julius Wilbrand and originally used as a yellow dye. Its potential as an explosive was not appreciated for several years, mainly because it was so difficult to detonate and because it was less powerful than alternatives."]

...and oil is made from natural radioactive decay, which may also explain the Bermuda Triangle. This is so self-evident that no decay series or quantities are given, as no-one wants the self-evident belaboured...


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