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about electric motorcycles...

Motorcycles still don't have catalytic converters on them, as far as I know This means they pollute way more than cars do [and I do ***NOT*** consider CO2 to be "pollution"], by producing the kinds of gasses and particulates that a typical catalyst system would burn up before going out the tail pipe.

Given THAT factoid, electric motorcycles make WAY more sense than all of that money thrown at electric CARS.

If the issue is cutting down on traffic jams and also saving on fuel usage [to help keep fuel cost down, let's say], then electric motorcycles make more sense.

But gummint is *NEVER* about sensible solutions. It's about MANIPULATION and CONTROL of "the masses", power retention, getting re-elected, and "skimming off the top".

So they do what they've always done: give tax breaks for cars that MOST people cannot afford to buy, that ONLY apply to people who pay a lot of taxes already, but make it SOUND like "they care" and "they feel" and "they want to help". But it's just another lie. They ONLY want their power, control, and money.

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