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Senior Citizens were not the generation of welfare

I am in that age group, and I never had a freebie all my life nor did the people I know. we worked hard all our lives and thanks to Obama giving SSI full benefits to every illegal who came across the border , the retirement age keeps getting moved up. I will probably drop over dead before I get to retire and collect the money I paid in my whole life. Blame Obama, the debt doubled under his rule. He is still costing us with all of his trips around the world at tax payers expense. If your hated, maybe it is your give me attitudes and the we cant find a job because old people won't quit so there is a job. LIKE I SAID can't quit they government keeps moving up the age. Each person he let in got full SSI which amounted to 30,000 a year according to an illegal I know. If I retire I will only get 10,000. Just imagine if Obama had not given the money we had paid in to over 11 million people they would not of had to raise the retirement age and we would have been happy to let you have our jobs.. I am still paying for the debt the government has accumulated and that Obama doubled while in office and will drop over dead doing so so F----Y--. Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. I have spent my whole life working taking care of welfare jerks and people who have a system of working the system.

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