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Musk smart????

I have to say that Musk is not at all politically savvy or smart... maybe is a good engineer, perhaps even brilliant, but he can forget about being politically and in effect economically smart. He left the President's business council to protest what Trump allegedly said about the Charleston WV protests... You can believe what you want on either side... but the fact is, Musk had a chance to be in Trump ear regarding the tax break etc... now he had NO voice at all, and in fact I doubt Trump would ever take a call from Musk at this point. For shareholders that was a terrible move... but if you are the politically correct snowflake type... well than maybe you should buy a Tesla! (without the electric car subsidy)... Bottom line, many CEO's said they thought Trump went overboard and did not represent at all what they thought or believed... fine... but they didn't personally diss Trump or make a big production out of it... as did Musk. And one thing about this President - like it or not - he never forgets when you diss him - Never... that tax break is GONE... bye bye.

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