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Arqiva are not my favourite company in the world. I used to work in radio broadcasting for a large broadcaster and once had a 'fun night'. I was contacted by a listener one night to say that all of our multiple stations had gone off air on Sky. I was then contacted by Homechoice to say that they weren't receiving our feeds either. Having checked that this was indeed the case on Sky, NTL etc. with a fellow engineer we notified a few internal people of the problem. We then contacted Arqiva on the direct line number we had for them and asked if they had a problem. Also why had no one contacted us to say there was a problem? Bloke we spoke to said "Ah that's not my area I deal with radio TX only and if it's TV TX you need to speak to the the TV side." We asked if they had an extension number or could transfer us to which the answer was "No sorry I don't".

Slightly perplexed by that answer we reasoned that the TV side must be in another building or even another site. My colleague tried calling our communications provider to see if there was a fault on the lines. I phoned the switchboard for that Arqiva site. I got through to a very nice security guard who was the only person on reception after hours. I identified myself and explained that I needed to speak to the TV TX desk. I mentioned that I'd spoken to the radio desk already who couldn't help contacting the TV side. He gave me another number which was one digit away from the radio one and said they sit next to each other. Someone was mucking you around mate.

We talked to them identified that it was a fault with our lines to Arqiva and it was fixed fairly quickly. Can't remember what it was off hand but nothing too serious. The question still remained though why had our services been off air for that long and Arqiva hadn't contacted us? I wasn't involved in the post mortem of the event so don't know the outcome but it stuck in the mind that they were crap.

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