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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

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Anonymous Coward

"Just as well it's gone. They still use the roads but pay no road tax that is incorporated into gasoline and diesel"

This is my main annoyance with electric car subsidisation in the UK. Most electric cars will be sold to above average earners, who are being subsidised by everyone who pays taxes, many of whom can't afford an electric car, even with a subsidy. The people who have an electric car then benefit a second time because of the lack of fuel duty on the electricity they use to power their car. It wouldn't matter so much if electric cars were affordable to everyone, but if that were the case, fuel duty would have been replaced by a GPS / ANPR based tax system by now. The fact that no-one in government has even thought about implementing a feasibility study for this means that they don't expect electric cars to become widespread. (Or it could just be that they're too busy dealing with internal party politics to do their jobs...)

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