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"I have nothing to hide"

You must have given that one password is no information at all. Either that or you make no use of online facilities at all.

It's also possible that you haven't read the T&Cs of any online services you use because unless they were written by teenagers they'll forbid you from disclosing log-on credentials. Even if you don't see the significance of hiding stuff yourself you'll find yourself contractually bound to hide it nonetheless and bound by people who do see that significance. You will actually be helped in this, in spite of yourself, by the fact that these days any competently provided remote log-in will use an encrypted link.

Finally, you should reflect that some of us have spent years investigating crimes and really don't see why TPTB should facilitate the commission of crimes by having sensitive material flying around in plaintext. We're also well aware that those who are already intending to break laws are not going to be inconvenienced by being provided with more laws to break when they choose some non-govt-sanctioned communication system.

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