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Since fluency in French is a requirement for most such Federal Jobs being educated and trained in the expertise required makes Stephen's interpretation more likely to be correct.

For non-Canadians, and those many Canadians willfully ignorant of Canada, less than 20% of Canadians are French speaking. Outside of one province French is spoken less than many other languages. Languages in more use by Canadians in other provinces include Chinese languages, German, Tagalog and Punjabi. In BC over 8% speak Chinese fluently or at home, less than 2% speak French.

Yet it is those few French that hold special status when it comes to federal jobs.

The Federal Government estimates that more than 40% of positions in the federal public service require French Language skills and increasingly, fluency in French. Bilingualism has become an obvious plan to further concentrate power in the hands of those in the East, particularly those in Quebec and most importantly those French in Ottawa the Federal capital.

Canada has three branches of government, the Court, the Senate, and the House. Of those only the House is elected, the rest are filled by appointment, most often by a Prime Minister from a single province, you guessed it, French Quebec. The single province of Quebec is disproportionately represented in Federal systems. With 22% of the population has 33% of the seats on the Court and is pushing for all other members of the Court to be fluent in French or educated in French. It is an obvious attempt to further concentrate power into the hands of the French Elite in Canada.

Canada has many languages but one minority language is being used to disenfranchise the majority of bilingual Canadians who are not French.

Which is why Stephens observation is far more likely to be correct than any claims suggesting Federal jobs and contracts are awarded based first on ability and second the applicant being French. Even the Federal government makes it clear that being French is the first requirement, both in the application process and in their many statements on bilingualism in Canada.

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