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Say what? Another reCaptcha attack, now against audio challenges



I'm lucky, I'm only old, a bit deaf and with loss of short term memory. I struggle with these Captcha in any shape or form but the worst thing is PASSWORDS. Back in the '70s Letmein got me into my Sage accounting but now when Google or MS demand that I use upper and lowercase, numerals and everything else on my keyboard I can't even remember the password I've just entered when the site refuses to entertain the little ap I'm using to display the gibberish in clear.

I once asked the MS disabled support people if I could go back to my original password, no they said, but if you store it on your desktop it will allways be there for you and proceeded to explain how to do it. What they couldn't tell me was how to get the desktop to appear first when I rebooted the machine.

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