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Say what? Another reCaptcha attack, now against audio challenges



I fully endorse the sentiment. I have never so far seen an audio captcha I could pass - I have either no idea what is being said or have no time to type it or most likely both. I just about reached the same point with "classification" ones recently - although I can see those just fine, basically it takes a really large number of forevers to either finally let me in or flat out declare me a bot because why not.

I can tell you this - I'm a quite a calm, quiet type who abhors violence in any form, but if there is anything that will ever succeed turning me into a stark raving mad foaming-at-the-mouth genocidal maniac, it's going to be these captchas wot dunnit. Throwing the perpetrators of these abominations out the nearest airlock would be far too kind to them - maybe throwing them to the dickwolves would be an adequate fate...

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