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Say what? Another reCaptcha attack, now against audio challenges

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I'm totally blind & use a Screen Reader Environment (SRE) to interact with my computer. Since a picture is worth *nothing* to a SRE (no AltText means no description for the SRE to read, thus I can't know WTF the picture is about) & an audio challenge means having to boost the volume, fiddle with the gain, manually try to manipulate the quality to remove all the background noises/buzzing/"fuzzing" used to make it harder for another computer to decipher. The result is that it's damn near impossible for me to figure out WTF was said in the clip, which means the answer I type in will invariably be wrong, which means I don't pass the test, & the site claims I'm a bot.

The "I'm not a bot" checkbox is even more infuriating. There's nothing my SRE can find to figure out what I'm (not) supposed to do with that challenge. The checkbox is unavailable (meaning I can't check it even if I wanted to) & there's nothing else the SRE can find to read, leaving me at an impasse of artificial stupidity.

When the AI bots can dance around such challenges & get in where I, a disabled Human can not, then their CAPTCHA system is fatally flawed.

I'm frustrated I only have two hands with which to give them The Finger in disgust...

Hope that helps explain my vitriol. =-j

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