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Say what? Another reCaptcha attack, now against audio challenges

Shadow Systems


If the site insists on only using a visual challenge then it automaticly claims I'm a bot. Fuck you.

If the site includes an audio challenge then it's often so badly done that even WITH downloading it & replaying it a zillion times you can barely figure out WTF was said. Get the reply wrong & again I'm a bot. Fuck you.

And now that computers can break your challenges with such absurd ease it makes the whole thing useless, you STILL say that *I* am the bot & refuse to give me access. Fuck You.

Just because I don't have perfect visual & audio perception doesn't mean I'm a bot, it means you & your CAPTCHA can go fuck yourselves for not considering the useless hurdles you place in our way in order to try & patronize your site.

You've made it damn near impossible for the disabled Humans to visit, but the computers you're trying to keep out can piss all over your hurdles & bypass them with ease.

Again, with every fibre in my being, FUCK. YOU.

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