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@ InfiniteApathy

I don't think the guy would think that deep. He comes across as yet another clueless in a high place.

In Canada's de facto federal gov't, the people appointed to set up computer systems do not even have to know how to turn one on, some of them even admit they - to all intents and purposes - can't, but they do have to be fluently bilingual (Quebecois) French. Oh, that's the important thing!

I was dumbfounded when I listened to the broken English of the guy who oversaw the now defunct gun registry database. It was originally going to cost ninety million but turn into hundreds of millions then into what some estimate into the billions of dollars (approx. 2,000,000,000.00). He admitted he knew nothing of computers - but hey - he was fluently bilingual French, which is all that matters to the Canadian de facto fed. gov't these days. There are only 10 million rifles in Canada, so that's $2000.00 per gun to register them in a database. A database that, it turned out, wasn't really reliable and didn't meet police expectations. 'So, then it got scrapped. Wow.

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